Winter Magic

Winter Magic
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cooking for Baby: Months 1 - 7

This will be the first in a series of posts about cooking for baby.  It is amazing how many options we have as modern moms with regards to feeding our babies.  I love that organic and unsweetened options are not not only available at Henry's and other alternative style stores, but also at the local supermarket.  It is amazing that there is such a variety of formula options for the different needs of our babies.  My grandma made formula by mixing sweetened-condensed milk with water and raised six kids on it!  And though I do have a small shelf with some jars of organic baby food and I have started to supplement with about 4 oz of formula a day while baby bug is in daycare, I have made the choice to nurse my daughter and to make her baby food from scratch.  This was my choice to make and it is what I think works best for our family.  It hasn't always been the easiest choice (see post on nursing), but it is one that I have enjoyed.  Every two weeks  I spend a few hours in the kitchen making baby food.  I freeze it in little 2 oz containers and in ice-cube trays (about 1 oz per cube).  I buy organic produce at Henry's and I use my "magic bullet" to process the food (this was a lifesaver when I had jaw surgery in June 2009). 

Here is a list of baby foods I've made that were a success:

  • apple - pear (with and w/o cinnamon)
  • pear - date - cinnamon
  • peach
  • peach - apple - cinnamon
  • apple - mango
  • blueberry - banana
  • mango - date
  • apple - blueberry
Dates are naturally very sweet and I use them to make some foods sweeter.  For example, mango has not been in season so adding a little date to it helps make it less tart.

  • carrot (with and w/o cinnamon)
  • carrot-spinach
  • sweet potato (yellow) - turnip
  • sweet potato (yellow) - cilantro
  • potato - basil
  • yam - cinnamon (sometimes with nutmeg)
  • yam
  • green bean - pea
  • lima bean
  • broccoli - cauliflower
  • cauliflower - cheddar cheese
  • sweet corn - cilantro
  • zucchini - basil
  • zucchini - green bean
  • zucchini - yellow squash
  • pumpkin - cinnamon - nutmeg
  • various squash mixes
I also keep a jar of organic & unsweetened apple sauce and apple-apricot sauce in the fridge for mornings when I'm in a hurry and/or don't feel like heating up the frozen fruit.

Now that baby bug is a bit older she is starting to show a distaste for pureed foods, so I've found that for many foods it is better to just cut it up into small pieces rather than puree them (yam, potato, broccoli, cauliflower, squash).

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