Winter Magic

Winter Magic
"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." ~ Ray Bradbury

Monday, March 14, 2011

Just for Baby

One thing I've learned about myself as a mother is that despite the fact that I can be very stubborn and often overly assertive, I am also very flexible about things as well and I have an ability to "go with the flow" that I never knew I had.  One area that surprised me was with baby wearing.  I am a baby wearing mamma.  I love my baby bug being close, snug, and secure.  I love the freedom it allows me.  However, I am also a stroller mamma.  I like that it carries shopping bags at the mall and at Disneyland.  Baby bug likes looking out at the world from her stroller when walking to the park.  I like that I can incorporate both baby wearing and the stroller into our lives.  That said, I have been in search of a carrier that I can fold up and put in the diaper bag so I don't have decide ahead of time if I plan on wearing baby bug or pushing her.  I have a nice Balboa Baby sling, but it starts to hurt my shoulder after about 30 minutes of carrying  her and I've recently learned that this type of carrier isn't safe for younger babies. I have an Infantino carrier that is also very uncomfortable and difficult to store, and after doing research I learned that this type of carrier is not good for baby. So, my quest began.  After lots of research on the internet, talking to mammas, and testing out various carriers, I narrowed it down to a Mei Tai (MT) style carrier.  I fell in love with the designs of Obimama on Etsy and decided to have her design my carrier using the Eric Carle fabric I had left over from baby bug's room.  She has finished making my carrier and it is now in the mail to its new home...I can't wait to use it!  Below are pictures Obimama took of the carrier before sending it off to me :)  The carrier is reversable...

polka dots and caterpillar

purple with fruit

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