Winter Magic

Winter Magic
"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." ~ Ray Bradbury

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm doing it, Daddy is doing it, Daycare is doing it - we're all doing it!

Cloth diapering that is :)  This was my first full week of cloth diapering full-time.  My hubby came around to it mainly because of the cost saving, but then when he realized that the "hard" part was the laundry and he wouldn't have to do that, he was on board 100%.  Daycare said they would give it a try and let me know.  I bought a box of disposable gDiaper Liners (at bru)  for them (about $7.99 for 105 liners) to use, and that did the trick!  Karla said that when baby bug pooped it just dumped right into the toilet, no hassle at all.  It does help that our daycare keeps the changing table in the bathroom.  At home the changing table is in baby bugs room, so I have to wait until I'm done changing her to dump into the toilet. At home I use the bummis liners (once a day in her late morning diaper), same price but a softer "flimsier" liner.  I figured daycare would want one more substantial.

Week 1 Summary:  I'm hooked!  I just can't believe I didn't do this from day one.  Also, my last blog post helped to convert two of my friends (maybe more I don't know about) to cd'ing!  :)  Honestly, I didn't even think anyone ever read my blog!

Diaper pail with liner.  It looks like a trashcan so I added instructions

This pail liner can also be hung.

My favorite wetbag so far, zippers with a handle.

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