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Winter Magic
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Crunchy Scale: Pregnancy, Labor, & Delivery

May 19, 2010
 So here is the "crunchy" scale:

granola = super crunchy, all natural

oatmeal = partially processed, mostly natural

instant oatmeal = processed but nature is still there

sugar puffs = who needs natural?

Other than being labeled "high risk" due to my "advanced maternal age", my pregnancy was pretty much uneventful. The upside of the high risk label was that I got to see ultrasounds of my baby bug at almost every visit, and those visits were a bit more frequent.  I did my best to follow all of the nutritional guidelines that were given to my by my midwife and I ate lots of the "superfoods" on the lists she gave me.  The most difficult thing to give up was sushi (and I'm still not convinced that it was necessary to give up).  Starting at about 7 months I had to really watch my salt content -- even just a little bit of salt would cause my feet and ankles to swell, but not enough to warrant any concern from my midwife.

So, yes I had a midwife and not an ob.  I don't know if this would be considered "crunchy" or not.  Kaiser gave me the choice between the two, though they did stress that due to my "advanced maternal age" it might be wise to go with an ob.  I really liked my midwife, she was an older lady, Mormon,  mother of 6 - all natural birth, and willing to listen to me and not rush through appointments.  She never once tried to convince me to find out the sex of my child, and she never once made me feel bad about the tons of weight I gained (I started at 125 and ended over 170).  She was supportive and informative.

Labor and Delivery
I decided early on that I wanted a natural birth with no induction, no meds, no epidural, etc... I went to classes to learn how to "breathe" through it.  My husband went to all of these classes with me.   No, I did not go to Lamaze classes, and no I do not remember the name of the classes I took.  They were through Kaiser.  I loved the classes that Kaiser offered and I took every one I could fit into my schedule.  It was because of these classes that I decided there was no way I was going to let them pump me full of drugs during labor and delivery.  Kaiser was very pro natural birth :)  It was also these classes that fully convinced me to nurse my baby.

When my babybug decided it was time to arrive, I was not ready.  My water broke 4 weeks early, and within 4 hours of my water breaking I was in the delivery room, and 2 hours after that I had a beautiful baby girl.  No drugs, no epi, no c-section.  Dream come true...except my baby bug was having breathing issues and after only a few minutes of skin-to-skin they whisked her away to nicu while I stayed behind to do the REAL WORK  - birthing the placenta.  This was MUCH harder than I could have ever imagined.  After about 30 minutes of  pushing and the midwife (not my midwife, she wasn't there) trying to manually get my placenta to release I finally gave in and let them give me a muscle relaxer.  The muscle relaxer was actually the nurse's idea -- the conversation went something like this: "Dr, I know she said no meds during delivery, but she's already had the baby, maybe she'd let us give her something now?"  My response "YES, Please!"  My mom said my placenta was huge, "now I know why you gained all that weight"!  I didn't see it.

So, where do I rate?  Oatmeal

Why?  Even though I had an all natural birth with a midwife, I chose to go to a hospital and not give birth at home.  I also did not save the cord blood and I did not encapsulate my placenta.  I also gave in and took meds when birthing the placenta.

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