Winter Magic

Winter Magic
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Out and About: Picture Post

I was looking through some of my older blog posts and I realized that after posting about my obimama mei tai, I never posted pictures of me actually using it!  So, here is a "picture only" post of me wearing baby bug out and about!  
*today I went to the farmer's market wearing baby bug in our obimama mt "for the last time"... I'm having padding added to the shoulders and getting the straps shortened, so when it comes back to me it will be a whole new mt :)  Obimama is also making a toddler sized mt for baby bug to wear her dollies or stuffed animals!

1 month - balboa baby pouch ring sling- at the time I used this I did  not know that this type of sling was not safe for younger babies.  As soon as I learned this information I stopped using this sling.

hanging out on camps at GAWHS - note, this sling was NOT recalled - but it was deemed unsafe for infant carrying.  I found that there were no issues with it once baby is on the hip and has head control -- that said, I could only carry her for about 30 minutes before my shoulder would start killing me. 

San Diego - this is the last time I used this carrier

10 months - obimama mei tai (in our backyard)

14 months - camping in Dog Wood, CA -- MUCH more comfortable for both mommy and baby!  I wish I had discovered the differences earlier.  At least now I know for baby #2.

going for a hike (she fell asleep in the first 5 min!)

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