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Winter Magic
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Potty Training

A summary of how a modified "3 Day Method" of potty training worked for our baby bug.

**edit 4/3**  I realized earlier today that not everyone reading knows who I am... so here is some more info that may be helpful with this post:  baby bug is a girl :), she will be two in May and was a "late term" preemie, born 4 weeks early.  She is a very verbal little girl and she started showing an interest in the potty about 6 weeks before I decided to potty train.  Before we began pt she would already say "mommy I go toilet" when she went in her diaper and she was already saying "gross, yucky, poo poo" when I would change her.  I hope this helps! **

The morning of I had baby bug "throw away" all of her cloth diapers and then put all of her new panties in the bottom drawer of her dresser. We talked about how she is a big girl now and she sleeps in a big girl bed, so now she gets to wear big girl panties.  I told her that we were going to spend a few days learning how to keep the panties dry and how to go potty on the toilet. 

Throughout each day I kept giving her lots of liquids -- mostly water mixed with a little juice.  After each successful use of the toilet I let her choose a snack - either blueberry yogurt covered pretzels, yogurt covered raisins, or dried pineapple (we don't do candy at our house). 

When she was unsuccessful I would say "yucky, there is pee on the floor (or carpet, or me)... pee is gross. Where does the pee belong? Yes, in the toilet. Where do big girls pee?  Yes, in the toilet. Are you a big girl? Yes, you sleep in the big girl bed. Where do you go pee?  Yes, you sit on toilet."  I would have her watch me clean up (she would often offer to help, but I politely declined). 

Oh -- and we are not using a portable training potty.  We bought a child size toilet seat that fits under the regular toilet seat.  When an adult uses it, the toilet seat works like a regular one because the child seat is attached by a magnet.  To use the child's seat you just lift the lid up like usual, and pull down the hidden child's seat.  

Day 1:  I will admit that she peed on the floor and on me more than she did in the toilet, but we did have 3 successes. 

Night 1:  Not a success - peed and pooped in her bed.  (we wrapped her matress in trashbags and covered with her fitted sheet -- let her sleep in a t-shirt and her panties)

Day 2:  Decided to do some role-playing with a doll, used her Baby Mini Mouse and a medicine dropper with water for the "pee". Had Mini do 2 successful pee's on the toilet, with a snack for mini after, and 1 uncussessful pee on the kitchen floor, with no snack.  After that the day was pretty successful -- she only peed on me once and only on the floor a few times, she also managed to go poop in the toilet. When baby bug would ask if she could have Mini's snack I would say, "Mini peed in the toilet, when you pee in the toilet you will get your snack." She was upset at first, but quickly got the point. 

Night 2:  Before putting her to bed we role played what to do if she had to go pee at night.  I laid in her bed and got up, ran to her door, and yelled out "mommy, toilet", then I had her practice it twice.  I put her to bed at 8pm.  At 11:30 pm she woke up and yelled "I sit toilet" - which woke me up, she was in her room, still dry, and I took her to the toilet, and she went :)  

Day 3:  She peed in the early morning in her bed before I woke her up, but I think I waited too long - woke her up a full 45 minutes later than usual because I was too sleepy to get up. The sad thing is she peed all over her favorite stuffed animal, a sea otter named "Oscar".   However, I would say that today was a complete "sucess"  -- she did have 2 accidents, but both were on the way to the toilet and she finished in the toilet.  She did both pee and poop in the toilet.  During the middle of dinner she impressed her daddy by saying "mommy, I go toilet now" - I got her out of her high chair, she walked to the bathroom, and she went like it was no big deal :)

Night 3: We role played again before putting her to bed at 8pm --  in progress :)

On the second day I learned that at the moment my daughter wants to get up from the toilet (after not peeing), it is time for me to find a way to keep her on the toilet, because about 45 seconds later she will pee.  So, when she would say, "mommy I done now" and try to stand up,  I would gently put my arm across her legs and not let her stand up, then I would "distract" her.  The following things worked great for "distracting" her and keeping her on the toilet:  having her look at and describe the pretty designs on her panties (Hello Kitty is her favorite), singing "pat-a-cake", letting her hold Mini and talking to her, asking her about her birthday party, and doing "high fives" and "low fives".  

Overall I think that the 3 day method was sucessful.  If "potty training" means that your child will consistently ask to go to the toilet, or go to the toilet on his/her own when they need to, then yes my daughter is potty trained.  It does not mean she will make it there in time though! :)

I think adding the role-playing made a huge difference for my baby bug.  All day today she kept picking up Mini and saying, "mommy, Mini go toilet now, mini need wash hands."  And we would have mini do it all.  Having "someone" to do it all with her seemed to make her happy. 

We will see how it goes for her at daycare tomorrow!  I will update as the week goes on. 

***edit 3/4 -- She had an accident free day at daycare today and at home! :)**

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