Winter Magic

Winter Magic
"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." ~ Ray Bradbury

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Square Foot Garden: Watching it Grow

Samantha pulls the first of our French Market carrots.

the cucumber vine is starting its way up and beginning to flower

the zucchini is starting to flower too

the butter lettuce seeds have sprouted

three nice bell peppers almost ready to eat

and the tomato plants have gotten huge!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Family Garden

When I first created this blog I titled it "Cultivating the Wonder" because I believe that it is a parents job to cultivate the wonder that their children are born with.  I believe that it takes time, patience, love, and much more to facilitate the natural wonder that is inside each child, and I also believe that as a child grows the parent has to work harder and longer to keep this wonder alive, or society will find a way to squash it.  My own personal sense of wonder was at first cultivated by my parents when I was a child, and then later by a few teachers who believed in me, then in the books I read as a teenager and as an adult, and still later by my students in the class room and my student leaders in Link Crew, and now by my very own daughter.  When I read the poetry of Robert Frost I am inspired, when I hear Ray Bradbury speak about following his loves I am inspired, and when I look into the eyes of my almost 2 year old daughter, I am inspired.

The other night my husband asked me why I changed my blog's focus from our daughter and parenting to gardening.  It dawned on me that perhaps I have not made my focus clear, and thus there was some confusion about the different things I choose to blog about.  My focus has not changed, only my means to reach my focus.

Cultivating the Wonder = parenting in a way that facilitates the growth of my children creatively, intellectually, and spiritually. My posts about gardening are really about family, about the time and effort that needs to be put in to make something grow and be fruitful. They are about my daughter seeing nature as part of our daily lives, as something that provides for us because we provide for them (our plants), as something to respect and care for as we do our own family. When I post about food, it is because I believe that taking the time to cook for family, to select and prepare the ingredients, and to sit down together to eat are all acts of love; they contribute to the cultivation of a family. Please do not be misguided and think that this is a blog about food, or a blog about gardening, or even a blog about my daughter.  This is a blog about the choices I make, we make as a family, to grow together, learn together, and keep the wonder of life alive within us.

baby bug helping plant butter lettuce