Winter Magic

Winter Magic
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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Crunchy Scale: Food for Baby and "convenience"

I never understood how controversial food could be until it came to feeding my baby.  Before I was pregnant I just assumed, based on the long aisle of baby food in the grocery stores and what I saw from moms around me, that there was a health/medical reason why babies drank formula and ate processed food from jars.  After getting pregnant I started doing research, mainly because my gut was telling me that something was not right.  

I mean, why would I buy formula when my body could produce the most perfect food for my baby?  I was given many reasons, most of them revolving around the word "convenience" and the fact that I work full-time. And, why would I feed my baby processed food in jars when I don't eat processed food from jars?  Once again, the reasons given to me revolved around that word "convenience".  

I took issue with this word.  Convenience.  Yes, I work full-time, but I had also made the choice to have a baby.  I didn't make the choice to be a mother based on convenience.  In fact, I pretty much knew that having a baby would be the opposite of convenient.  

So, I made the choice to breast feed, even though it wasn't the easiest choice, even though it wasn't easy, even though I worked full-time and had to pump.  Yes, it made my life harder - but I was doing what was right for my baby bug.  You see, she comes first. No questions asked, I chose to bring her into this world and it is my job to take care of her to the BEST of my ability, not based on what is easy or convenient. I also made the choice to only feed my baby home made organic foods.  Nothing from a jar.  Now that she is a toddler there is a no fast-food policy in place, no soda, no juice, no candy and only the occasional treats. I also made the choice to start a garden to reinforce the idea of fresh natural foods.   

Are these choices easy? For me they were.  They are the right choices for my child, they are the right choices for my family.    Someone told me that I was "trying to be super mom" working full time, nursing, cooking home made meals, cloth diapering, gardening, etc... .  So what if I am "trying to be super mom" -- why is that bad?  Why is that said in a negative tone?  Isn't that what every mom wants - to be the BEST mom she can be?  

So where am I on the crunchy scale on this one?  I'd say granola, but since I didn't do pure BLW I'm sure some would disagree :)

granola = super crunchy, all natural

oatmeal = partially processed, mostly natural

instant oatmeal = processed but nature is still there

sugar puffs = who needs natural?

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