Winter Magic

Winter Magic
"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." ~ Ray Bradbury

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Offer #3: Cold Feet

The third offer came on Christmas Eve.  Well, not exactly.

The offer we finally accepted came on Christmas Eve.  The days prior to that are a bit blurry, but it included a string of email and text arguments between me and my ex.  The arguments went back to the issue we had with the first offer, my ex wanting me to pay  him $5,000 to accept an offer.

This time my ex had "leverage" over me. He knew that I had a contingency offer on a house and that unless I was willing to start over on a new house, I needed to get back into escrow quick.  So, he pushed harder this time.  I ended up offering him a compromise: when the loan was funded I would pay him $1250 cash out of my proceeds.

It was Christmas Eve; I was feeling generous.

This offer was short lived.  When the buyers got back the inspection report they countered us to repair EVERYTHING on the list.  Our house was built in 1990, it is not a new house, very well taken care of, but not new.  They were first time buyers and they really believed that we HAD to repair everything on the list.  Their agent tried to explain to them that the inspection report is more for them to know what maintenance issues they may need to deal with, and for the sellers to make any safety or legal repairs.  We offered to do some minor repairs and all safety related repairs.  We also offered them $1000 towards any repairs they wanted to do.

They decided to walk away.

And so, on January 8th we had fallen out of escrow again...

But, my house was still waiting for me; the seller had agreed to keep waiting for me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Offer #2: Things Fall Apart...

Things Fall Apart...

We didn't have the painful negotiations we had the first time for the second offer.  Since it was for the same amount as the first offer, where my ex had already agreed that I didn't "need" to pay him the $5,000, I made it clear to him that we would not be going down that route again.

I had also placed an offer on a home I wanted... a contingency offer based on the sale of my home. I was waiting to hear if my offer had been accepted...

All seemed good.  Conventional loan, 20% down, appraisal came back at value, inspection went well... and then there was a pause.  Everything just stopped.  Our agent was having difficulty reaching their agent.

Then, on the morning of November 4th, I get the phone call. I'm at work.  My offer was accepted.  I'm elated - I can't believe it.  The seller was willing to accept my contingency offer.  I'm walking on air.

Then, an hour later, my phone rings again.  It is my agent.  I hear what she is saying, but I don't really understand.  I make her repeat it.  "The buyer of your house is pulling out of escrow."

What? Why? How?  How could this be happening again?

I want to scream, I want to be mad, but I can't... The buyer and her agent are related, mother and daughter.  The agents son, the buyers brother, had attempted suicide.  The reason why they couldn't be reached is because they'd been at the hospital with him... then things made a turn for the worse and he didn't make it.

November 4th, 2013.

I call my parents to tell them.  My mom answers.  She's upset.  She's crying.  Before I mention the house I ask her what is wrong.

Grandma.  She's been in hospice for over three months at my parent's house.

 My grandma.  My mom's mother.  They are moving her out of hospice.  They are giving her just a few more days and my mom doesn't want it to happen there. I don't say anything about the house.

My dad calls back when he realizes it was the middle of a work day (I never call anyone between the hours of 8am - 3pm) and I must have had a reason to call.  I tell him the news about the house.  He asks if that means that I'm losing the house I made an offer on.  I don't know at this point.

It is a Monday and almost lunch time.  I leave school.  I can't be there.  I'm too emotional about everything.  My agent is calling me to give me updates on the house.  My dad is calling me to give me updates about grandma.

I need comfort food, but I can't go to my mom.  I drive to El Farolito in Placentia.  I order their carnitas special and a Cadillac margarita. I'm not crying any more.  I try to ignore my phone.  I smile briefly when my agent sends me a message saying that the seller of the house I made an offer on is willing to keep it off the market for two weeks.  I have two weeks to find another buyer for my house.

I go to pick up baby bug.  I hug her tighter than usual.  We go home and I make her dinner.  We are sitting at the table talking when my phone rings again.  It is my dad.  Grandma didn't make it the three days the doctor gave,  less than three hours after arriving at the nursing home she passed.  My mom was in the room with her.  Baby bug asks me why I am crying.  I tell her great-grandma is gone.  She hugs me back, she tells me she doesn't want me to cry and she tells me she loves me.  I know she doesn't understand.  I embrace her and don't let go for a very long time.  She accepts this.  I am thankful she is there with me and I don't have to sleep alone that night.

November 4th, 2013

I take a week off of work.  I go back feeling a little broken, but life goes on.

Not mentally ready for round three...

Offer #1: Our first attempt at negotiation...

Offer #1:  Five thousand below our asking price and to me this is a no brainer:  Conventional loan, 20% down,  Let's do it!

My ex insists we counter, but adds a caveat. He tells me that he wants me to pay him $5,000 to accept the offer.

He had never mentioned this to me before - I was shocked.

His reasoning behind this is that when we bought our house his grandfather gifted us $10,000 to purchase the home, and he wanted me to pay him half of that back before he would sign anything.  My response is that when we sell the house and he gets his equity, then he will get his grandfather's money back.  I also told him that if he really wanted the money, he should have brought it up with the mediator when we were working on the judgment.  I also reminded him that his grandfather wrote the $10,000 check in MY name, so if he wants to get technical, he actually owes me money (which is why he didn't bring it up with the mediator).

We fight about this for three days.  We fight a lot.  I'm reminded of why I finally got the courage to leave.

Just as I'm about to give in, he agrees to counter and says that if they accept our counter he will drop it.

They accept our counter.

We go into escrow... and a week later fall out of escrow... buyers girlfriend lost her job and he doesn't want the financial commitment...

Time for round two...