Winter Magic

Winter Magic
"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." ~ Ray Bradbury

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Offer #3: Cold Feet

The third offer came on Christmas Eve.  Well, not exactly.

The offer we finally accepted came on Christmas Eve.  The days prior to that are a bit blurry, but it included a string of email and text arguments between me and my ex.  The arguments went back to the issue we had with the first offer, my ex wanting me to pay  him $5,000 to accept an offer.

This time my ex had "leverage" over me. He knew that I had a contingency offer on a house and that unless I was willing to start over on a new house, I needed to get back into escrow quick.  So, he pushed harder this time.  I ended up offering him a compromise: when the loan was funded I would pay him $1250 cash out of my proceeds.

It was Christmas Eve; I was feeling generous.

This offer was short lived.  When the buyers got back the inspection report they countered us to repair EVERYTHING on the list.  Our house was built in 1990, it is not a new house, very well taken care of, but not new.  They were first time buyers and they really believed that we HAD to repair everything on the list.  Their agent tried to explain to them that the inspection report is more for them to know what maintenance issues they may need to deal with, and for the sellers to make any safety or legal repairs.  We offered to do some minor repairs and all safety related repairs.  We also offered them $1000 towards any repairs they wanted to do.

They decided to walk away.

And so, on January 8th we had fallen out of escrow again...

But, my house was still waiting for me; the seller had agreed to keep waiting for me.

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